but a lot of people would object to it being written like that, because someone is singular and there is plural. However, there is much to be said when using the word it as a unique, non-sexist pronoun. In fact, it has already been said, and you can read all about it at the University of Texas, where a website has been devoted to the use of sound in this way in the writings of Jane Austen, William Shakespeare and other literary figures. At least it`s good to know you`re not alone! Another page devoted to the „non-gender pronoun“ is under the genre Neutral Pronoun Frequently Asked Questions. 3. Nomen plural group means that two or more groups take reference plural pronouns. If Noun`s two predecessors are plural and plural, then the reference pronoun is also PLURIEL. 2. The following always indefinite pronouns take references from plural pronouns. In this example, the jury acts as an entity; The reference pronoun is therefore singular.

Ex redesigned: Psychologists must carefully check medical records before making a diagnosis. (This type of displacement is the most common problem that authors have when it comes to reconciling pronouns personally with their ancestors.) 1. If two or more singular-substantial precursors are bound by and they form a precursor of plural. (1 – 1 – 2) Remember that if we condense a pronoun with something else, we don`t want to change shape. Following this rule often creates something that „doesn`t sound good.“ You`d write, „This money is for me,“ so if someone else is involved, don`t write, „This money is for Fred and me.“ Try this: It might be useful to compare the shapes of that with the shapes of the pronouns he and she have. Their forms are similar: first, if we refer to the group as a whole, and therefore we consider the nostantif as a singular. In this case, we use a singular reference pronoun. If the sex of a precursor is not clear or unknown, pronouns should not be automatically returned to one or both sexes. For example, not all doctors are male or female nurses.

Although this is not in itself unification, gender sensitivity sometimes leads to some of them, most often in numbers.