Core-to-core agreements ensure that credits granted by students who obtain an A.A. or A.S. degree at the NCC will be tailored to the essential requirements of the four-year university. The essential conditions are the general teaching of a bachelor`s degree. General education requirements vary from university to university. Students benefit from basic contracts because the entire credit obtained by The Degree Associate is applied to the four-year program without evaluating individual courses. As a general rule, there are also admission criteria for transfer students described in the agreement. A dual admissions agreement is a transfer program with some schools, which allows students to identify at an early stage the institution to which they wish to transfer and facilitate the planning process with the certainty that the credits will be transferred. Keystone Hall The articulation agreement between Penn State and Northampton Community College offers students who have successfully studied in Northampton an academic pathway to a parallel student curriculum on the campus of Penn State University College. Students who have completed their AA or AS transfer studies do not receive an application fee. A progam program agreement provides accurate program information for prospective transfer students and their academic advisors by establishing the qualification and bachelor`s requirements. The agreement outlines the courses that students should take during their framework program in order to prepare for the Temple Bachelor program in which they wish to pass. More than half of Northampton`s students are enrolled in transfer programs.

The college will recommend transferring students whose personal qualities and academic results indicate that they will succeed in other institutions. Although an average C is generally considered to be minimal for transmission, the specific required average varies from the selective admission policy established by the various agencies. Northampton`s Individualized Transfer Studies program is for students who clearly intend to move to a specific work of the bachelor`s degree. The program is unique in that each student works with the four-year institution and develops a program that meets the specific needs of the institution`s major. 2.Students must complete AA or AS transfer studies, in good condition, without probation conditions and have a cumulative minimum score average of 2.0 (on a scale of 4.0). Admission criteria may include successful completion of certain course requirements. GPAs are recalculated to include all courses and grades, including all repeated courses, from all colleges/universities previously attended to better promote and facilitate the transfer of students from Northampton Community College to Temple University, Temple and Northampton Community College, have entered into the following articulation agreements: The faculties of Northampton Community College and Penn State University have evaluated equivalent courses in both institutions to create specific program transfer guides. Each transfer guide describes the specific course equivalencies and the permitted substitutions for each academic program included in the agreement. The following list describes the institutions with which Northampton Community College has online agreements on RN-BSN. This means that a student who completes the NCC RN program (34% online) could plan to transfer into one of these 100% online BSN programs: NCC has more than 100 articulation agreements with more than 30 colleges and universities.